The north dallas leader for 20 years

Trained, Uniformed Staff


The only people who will work on your landscape are our own Lawn Butler employees. Our team members and trucks are easily identifiable so you know they are supposed to be there working on what matters most to you.

Our employees are trained and experienced. Staff includes people with horticultural backgrounds as appropriate.

With over 20 years experience focused specifically on North Dallas and North Texas, we are familiar with what works best to meet and exceed your landscape needs.

Lawn Butler - serving you and your expectations.

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Licensed and Insured


We have all necessary licenses for our area, and we carry insurance for all of our employees. We also carry insurance to cover you  in the event of any unexpected circumstances. At Lawn Butler, it really is all about you.

Some projects require special licenses and certifications, such as for irrigation and/or electrical. We carry licensed, experienced employees on staff. Beyond, for those more unique situations, we have trusted partners with whom we share long-lasting relationships to make sure you get the best results at the best price.

On time, on budget, "on the level". When you work with Lawn Butler, you know you're working with commercial lawn and landscape services professionals.

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"Smart" Landscaping, Beautiful Results


We can do all kinds of landscaping, but our specialty is in mixing non-native and native plants optimally to create dazzling landscapes that meet your needs while fitting in with the ecology and other climatic considerations of North Texas.

This includes seasonal color that inspires and enhances the beauty of your properties. Attract and retain residents and tenants by making them proud to be members of your communities.

No job too big or too small. With over 20 years experience in North Dallas, we have trusted, favorable partnerships that enable us to deliver the best plants, flowers and related products at the best prices.

First-rate quality, first choices on the best materials, industry-best partners and the leader in comprehensive lawn and landscape care - you can count on it all with Lawn Butler!

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